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How to store & what is the shelf life for Wine Chips?Updated 2 years ago

We recommend that you store your Wine Chips tubes out in the open so your friends can see them!

We've Designed them with care to integrate into your gourmet kitchen. If you have superhuman willpower and have some chips left over after you've opened out of our bags, you can put the remaining chips in their opened bag (or in a Ziplock bag) and store it in the tube.

But please don't throw away the tubes!

When you run out of chips, just come to our website and order a set of replacement bags.

If you do have superhuman willpower and store your Wine Chips we recommend consuming them within 1-2 weeks of opening them.

A sealed bag of Wine Chips has a shelf life of several months.

Please also refer to our "best buy" date on each bag to ensure you are enjoying them at their peak state of freshness.

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