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Wine Pairing Suggestions and Flavor Descriptions

Product Description with Pairing Suggestions. 🍷Red Wines pair great with our Smoked gouda Wine Chip. 🥂Rose, Rieslings, Whites like a good Chardonnay or other pair great with our Manchego Wine Chip. 🍷Port, Whites etc.. go great with our Blue Cheese

What are wine chips?

Great Question! Wine Chips are VERY flavorful and crunchy and are designed to PAIR with wine, just as a cheese plate or charcuterie plate is. Wine Chips are made with a premium selected Idaho potato base cut thick and laden with our proprietary chees

Nutritional & Ingredient Information

You can find all of our nutritional and ingredient information on each respective product page in the images of the product.  We have a nice, zoomed-in image of each nutritional and ingredient panel. For example, to view the nutritionals for our Smok

How to store & what is the shelf life for Wine Chips?

We recommend that you store your Wine Chips tubes out in the open so your friends can see them!. We've Designed them with care to integrate into your gourmet kitchen. If you have superhuman willpower and have some chips left over after you've opened